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The World by Day and Night (DM)

The World by Day and Night (DM)

This is a Desk Mat of the World Continents by Day and by Night. The day/night effect is created through the flip-image effect and it only takes one to tilt slightly the head to see the effect.

Modern geography lessons can be easily planned on the use of this map since it covers a number of study areas, namely:

Continents names, sizes and relative position in the world; Areas with high concentration of vegetation and deserts; Names of the Oceans; Different depths levels of the Oceans are show using different colours; Position of continental planes, rises and ridges; level of industrialisation deduced through the level of light pollution concentration.

The desk mat is ideal for office desks, geography or social science teacher's school desk or children's desk at home.
  • Details

    World Continent by Day and Night Desk Mat
    Dimensions (W x H): 60 cm x 40 cm
    Soft rubber base with a 3D effect front
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