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A number of Pop Out World 3D puzzles make you enjoy yourself with three simple actions, namely: Pop out; Fold; and Assemble. Other relatively complex structures introduce: Insertion; Folding and Crossing activities as well. These are the fundamental actions for 3D puzzle building. 

Pop Out World 3D Puzzles are manufactured using high quality standards.

See the available 3D Puzzle collections and models in the next page.  

3D Puzzles Fundamental Actions
Pop Out World; 3D Puzzle

Pop Out World is an innovative and educational item useful to develop concentration and creativity skills in both kids (age 4+) and adults.  These puzzles provide a high sense of accomplishmentespecially for children who are easily distracted.

Building the 3D puzzle will offer a challenge in itself and so it entices logical thinking, imagination and problem solving. Such puzzles, whether used in a family or class environment, can be constructed by more than one person and so children can work as a team to build such a 3D model hence encouraging team work and developing social skills.

These three-dimensional (3D) jigsaw puzzles provide users with a new and different challenge since they do not lay flat on a table. A 3D jigsaw puzzle will provide puzzlers with a new challenge by adding a new dimension to puzzle building.  Pop Out World 3D puzzles help children to have a more useful experience when playing, in  addition to interest and support from parents. Such educational items are, therefore, ideal for kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.

3D Puzzles Skills Acquired
Big Ben

Pop Out World 3D puzzles do not need any scissors, knives or glue to assemble.

They are thus safe and require only one's hands and concentration.  

No Glue or Tools required
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