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Standards and Awards  for Quality 3D Educational Products

​Our trading partner, a German-based company, is a specialist in 3D since 2005 who manufactures real 3D products, among others: postcards, greeting cards, folded cards, maps, bookmarks, mouse pads, magnets, desk pads, posters, calendars and notebooks.  


The manufacturing method of these high-quality real True-3D maps is covered by several patents. 

Europe 3D Wall Map

Wall Map of Europe

3D Effect

3D Solar System Wall Map
World Wall Map (by day and night)

The level of map detail combined with the visual three dimensional effect, makes all the maps a unique, creative and innovative teaching product.

These world unique True-3D maps have earned the producer company  the most important world championships of the IMTA (International Map Trading Association), namely:

      the Gold Award “Best Wall Map 2007and


      the “Overall Winner 2007Gold medal.

These maps were also awarded with:

      the “Certificate of Quality of the Worlddidac Foundation” in 2008; and


      regained the IMTA’s Silver Award “Best Wall Map 2009”.

These awards are all certificates of the quality level achieved both as an educational material as well as a genuine 3D innovative products.

The latest certification achieved by our trading partner is the TUV certification which involves rigorous testing of the applications for which the component is designed and is a confirmation that the products  satisfy the strictest European regulations for the industry both in component design and component specifications.

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