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Planets of Our Solar System in True-3D

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True-3D images of planets within our solar system, as photographed by NASA’s space probes, are brought to the classroom through this innovative teaching product.

Watching the planets on a daily basis, pupils will learn to identify the planets, their names, comprehend their different structure, colours, relative sizes and surface features. Learning about the planets of our solar system was never so easy and interesting.

This map is designed in such a way so as to show the planets’ relative sizes with respect to the Sun.  Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon and Mars are magnified 5 times, in relation to the size of the Sun and the other planets, in order to be visible on the map.

Solar System 3D Wall Map - Teachers' Resources

Effect: 3D

Map dimensions: 67.6 cm x 45 cm.

Earth is the only planet that is shown with its satellite, the Moon. The map also shows some solar features as well as activity both on its surface (photosphere granules) and in its corona (prominences). Teachers can use these features to expand more on the solar activity, solar features, temperature, gravity and the sun’s effect on our planet Earth. For instance, following a prominence eruption (a coronal mass ejection), heat waves and magnetic storms or interferences here on Earth are expected.

The Planets and their moons can be observed in maxi-card sizes (size: 21.1cm x 21.1cm) which teachers can use as show-cards during class explanation, while the pupils can use the planets postcard collection (size: 14.8cm x 10.5cm) in class to apprehend better what the teacher is showing.


Through this appealing and innovative 3D material, teachers can explain in more detail each planet’s characteristics and composition, their respective moons and any

particular surface features. Such material is ideal both as class material

(since it is reusable) as well as for students’ projects. 

Kindly go to the online shop to view and purchase this material.

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