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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Tents

What is the difference between PE and PVC material?

PE (polyethylene): This is a plastic-like material which is used to cover other materials like, for instance, wood. The material itself is waterproof. However, since it is hand sewn, there is a possibility that from roof canopy, close to the junction, one or two drops of rain water can penetrate. However, to this end we offer matching seam sealer. This material is not UV resistant and therefore it is not recommended for permanent use but is rather suitable for occasional use.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride): This material is widely used for trucks or trailers. It is characterized by robustness, durability and UV resistance. The material is 100% waterproof and thus parts are moulded, not sewn. This obviously guarantees 100% water tightness. The material is repairable. We also offer the appropriate repair kits. In case damage covers a larger area, the material can also be moulded professionally. This material is recommended both for a permanent or regular use.

FAQ on Tents

Can I buy replacement parts for my tent?


For our modular tents, our suppliers guarantee availability of parts in stock for at least 5 years. For all other models purchased from us, spare parts are always available.Warranty of 2 years is given on faulty material received from supplier. The warranty does not cover for misuse, wrong or careless handling of tent material by client.

Are tents Winter or Summer proof?

These tents might be damaged in extreme weather conditions such as hail storms, and if used outside the Maltese Islands whereby they can be damaged with heavy snow loads and very low temperatures. Basically, the manufacturer offers a warranty for  the PE material up to 0 °C and -5 °C. PVC is more durable and thus one can leave such tents set-up for longer durations both in summer and winter, however at ones own risk. Temperature in countries such as Malta that can reach up to 40ºC in summer might damage PE material if exposed continuously for more than 30 days. These tents should not be set-up in areas that are exposed to strong winds. Generally such tents are sold by the manufacturer as "Not for all seasons".​

Can I leave the tent standing in a storm or strong winds?

A tent can always be damaged by extreme weather conditions. For such instances, there is no warranty coverage.

Can I open the side panels?

With our tents, you can always leave out any side panel you wish. In the gable parts one has a door with a zipper that can be rolled up and secured with clips. With our modular tents, one can always remove the 2m sides individually.

Tent side panels

How long is the delivery?


Provided that tents are availabe in stock at our suppliers, normally the delivery takes 15 working days from the receipt of payment and the eventual delivery order note. In the event that items are temporarily out of stock, you will be notified immediately and provided with an alternative delivery date (if acceptable to you).

Can I order by express?

We can ship your tent by express. The conditions for this are calculated on an individual basis depending on the tent ordered and the express service chosen. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email for a proper quotation.

Can I mix side panels with or without windows?

One can mix, with our modular tents, sides and decide whether to have them with or without windows. The side parts can be combined in pairs. For an extra charge we can also supply you with a door or side panels gables with windows as an alternative. Feel free to place your customized order by phone or email.

How many people can fit in a tent?

This depends on many factors. One has to be knowledgeable of the number of seats required, and if necessary calculate the additional space required for buffet space or DJ booth (in case of particular events). We recommend, before buying a tent, to plan properly the facility layout of the required area in order to get a feel of the size.

The following are average sizes for space required (only indicative):


  • Without tables and chairs: approximately 1 person per 1 m²

  • With seating: approximately 1 person per 1.2 m²

  • With seating and buffet area: about 1 person per 1.5 m²

Does the tent have everything I need to build?

Basically our tents have everything you need: assembly instructions for the initial assembly or construction of the steel structure, affixing the tarpauline with bungee cords, fixing pegs and ropes.

We also offer accessories to secure your tent even better. For instance for an asphalt surface, we offer additional accessories to rig down your tent such as weights which can be bought separately. Moreover, we also have care and various repair kits for the whole tent range.​

Weights for tents
Accessories for tents

How are the tents delivered?

Our tents are delivered in classic carton boxes. Optionally we offer for sale canvas carrying bags  for both tents and metal pipes. This allows you to safely transport all tent material and even to store it properly.


Carry Bags for tents
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