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Quality Educational 3D Puzzles

3D Puzzles Famous Landmarks

Our South-Korean trading partner is now a recognised quality manufacturer of 3D puzzles, having the world wide renowned brand of "Pop Out World". This product is made of paper and polystyrene foam board and designed to make high completeness by simple assembly. These products are created by an outstanding designer and developer. All puzzles are manufactured using high manufacturing standards, namely: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The main goal of our supplier is "to develop the world's best brands in the field of culture and education; and to become  the world's best global company for culture and education through this brand and eventually to make contribution to the advancement of human society".

In fact, between 2004 to 2010, our supplier acquired a number of certificates and achieved a number of awards in a number of areas, among others: innovative business, venture designs, excellence in testing and materials, CE and ISO standards.

All puzzles are being tested and certified CE compliant by renowned European testing agencies approved by the European Commission. These agencies test these puzzles rigorously in order to comply with the rigid European Standards requirements, in particular: EN 71-1:2011; EN 71-2:2011; and EN 71-3:1994 + A1:2000 + AC:2002.

Puzzle building; 3D Puzzles

These puzzles are also awarded with quality standards for materials used and tests conducted by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM F963).

All "Pop Out World" 3D Puzzles are safe to use since they do not require any scissors or glue to be assembled. They follow a fundamental principle that of performing any one of the following six actions: Pop out; Hole (or perforate); Insert; Fold; Occlude and Cross.

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