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Exhibition Tents

It is easy to believe that one tent or marquee is very much like the other. Everyone knows, especially those who ever bought a "cheap" tent, of the importance of the stability of tents or marquees.


As dealers for party tents, our suppliers carry many years of experience and boast of high service quality. Our German supplier produces high quality tents for a variety of applications. Rigorous quality control and strict standards during manufacture, ensure a consistently high quality tents. There are 25 different tent sizes to choose from.

Our tents offer the ideal solution for covering outdoor events, work areas or simply to have a temporary extra room in your garden. They are easily transportable, simple and quick to erect and provide immediate protection against the elements. Potential uses include trade stands, market stalls, car cover, smoking shelter, storage area, and much more, limited only by your imagination.

3 x 3 Exhibition Tent

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The whole range of our tent models are thoroughly tested and undergo special quality tests. The tent structure is entirely made of steel whereby each tube is powder coated, has a thick wall and is of a strong metal composition. All of these features are controlled regularly and undergo a number of quality audits.

Other information further down in this page:

What makes our tents outstanding?

Easy assembly of tents

What are the available tent combinations?


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What makes our tents outstanding?

Through years of experience, our suppliers have designed their models with respect to accuracy of fit, construction time, flexibility and durability.​ In fact, there are a number of details in our tents that differ from many other providers such as:


      All of the tent material (top, side and end pieces) are all hand sewn; 

      The apexes of the metal structures are all welded;  

      Heavy-duty and tear-proof brass Eyelets;

      Durable quality zippers; 

      Heavy-duty Velcro and bungee cord straps; and

      Easy assembly in simply six steps.


Sturdy Quality Tents
Assembly steps of exhibition tents

Easy assembly of tents

All tents are easily assembled in six simple steps. It will usually take between 30 to 40 minutes to set-up a 3m x 3m tent, to just over one hour for larger tents or marquees.

The six step assembly is as follows:

Distribute pipes on floor and assemble the canopy structure.


​Open the PE or PVC canopy and cover the canopy structure.


Assemble two legs to the canopy on one side only and then affix the side flaps to the legs.


Assemble the other two legs so as to have a finished tent structure.


If required, assemble a back and one of the side panels.


If a closed marquee is required, then the assembly of the remaining two panels (one side and a front) are required.


What are the available tent combinations?

We offer 25 different sizes in two different tarpauline covers. One can have  over 300 model combinations to choose from and which can be segmented into the following categories:

Party Tents with basic steel structures

Party Tents with PE Tarpaulin

Combined Tents with PE Tarpaulin

Party Tents with PVC Fabric

Combined Tents with PVC Tarpaulin

Party Tents with fire retardant material

Other Accessories and Spare Parts for Party Tents

The following tent sizes are available:


3x2  |  3x3  | 3x4  |  3x5  | 3x6  | 3x8 | 3x9  | 3x10

4x2  |  4x4  |  4x5 |  4x6  | 4x8  | 4x10 | 4x12

5x4  |  5x5 |  5x6  |  5x8  | 5x10 | 5x12

6x6  | 6x8  | 6x10 | 6x12

Exhibition Tents for external use

Each of these tent sizes are available in either Polyethylene (PE) or  Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and each model is available either with window or without window side panels.

All tents ordered at the beginning of any week will be delivered with a fortnight directly to your residence (provided they are available in stock at our suppliers).

For additional information on the quality standards of our tents and other frequently asked questions (FAQs) please click the appropriate button shown hereby:


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