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Gryphon Malta is the sole distributor in Malta of authentic 3D material manufactured by a renowned German company. The main objective of Gryphon Malta is that of providing innovative teaching material to schools with the scope of creating a fun element to learning. The innovation currently being proposed are show cards, wall maps and other interesting material, all using 3D technique.

3D World

Why is this material such an innovation?

The following information will give an overview of the material that was specifically selected to fit educators’ active learning strategies, since students will have personal involvement in their learning through visual interaction.

What is this material? How does it work?

In a number of countries around Europe, such material is being

recognised as the new generation of teaching material since three-

dimensional structures are being understood spontaneously, thus speeding up learning significantly in all age categories and by pupils with different learning abilities.

Other information further down this page:

Why is this material such an innovation?

What is this material? How does it work?

A case in particular are the 3D-maps whereby seeing landscapes in various perspectives, continuously discovering new details and experiencing temporary sequences, each class gets an unprecedented superiority in terms of information. 

All 3D material were specifically selected by Gryphon Malta so as to fit both the educational curricula for primary and secondary classes, as well as the majority of development plans designed for schools.

Pupils will improve their learning experience through repetitive

visual interaction thus enabling students to effectively establish a link between schooling and their personal experiences where learning becomes more effective and fun!

The True-3D maps and Flip-image maps offer an innovative teaching experience both to teachers and

pupils. Teachers, especially, can use these maps repeatedly to explain a number of scientific or topographical facts

to pupils, who in turn have been observed to interact more with such maps.

True-3D images fascinate both young and old alike, all over the world.

Click on the maps below to discover what each one can offer during class tuition:

Europe 3D Wall Map - Teachers' Resources

Wall Map of Europe

3D Effect

Solar System 3D Wall Map - Teachers' Resources
World Wall Map - Teachers' Resources
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