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Europe Map in True-3D​

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This Europe map illustrates true three dimensional imaging of each country's topography in this continent.

Within easy reach in classrooms, a country’s topography in True-3D becomes intuitively comprehensible.


Drawing your pupils’ attention becomes quite easy. In fact, a depth of up to 4000% will guarantee a unique dimensional perception. Seeing landscapes in various perspectives, continuously discovering new details and experiencing temporary sequences, each class gets an unprecedented superiority in terms of information.


Map dimensions: 68.1 cm x 47 cm

Europe 3D Wall Map - Teachers' Resources

Effect: 3D

What can one learn from this 3D map?

This innovative learning product, which permits repetitive visualisation due to its appealing factor, will promote understanding through visual interaction.

If such maps are hung prominently (ideally at eye level) in each classroom, pupils will rapidly learn: the names of European countries, their respective capital cities and relative sizes within the European continent. With these maps, the prompt understanding of reliefs is easy even for slow learning pupils since fundamental facts are quickly understood.

The apprehension and knowledge of European countries, together with their unique topography and distinct characteristics are easily presented in this innovative teaching product.

Such a map will assist teachers to explain a number of characteristics, which among others include:

Names of all European countries, their respective capital cities, surface area and their relative position on the continent;​

Topographical features in three dimensional depth clearly show the mountain ranges and valleys that mark the European terrain;

Different colour shades of the European map gives a clear elevation of the terrain's altitude from sea level in meters;​

National borders and flags of each country are clearly listed;​

Population size for each major capital city is clearly indicated;​

Names of all the seas that surround and touch the European continent;​

Names of major rivers crossing between European countries are clearly indicated;​

Depth of the waters around Europe is clearly shown through the use of different shades - the darker the area, the deeper the waters (depth shown in meters);

A small part of the African and Asian continent are also displayed with the same three dimensional topography.  

This Europe map also includes an indication of:  the total surface area, the total number of  inhabitants, the largest city, the longest river, the largest lake, the highest mountain and the lowest point in the sea in the European continent.

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