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Gryphon Malta Logo

Gryphon Malta is a young and dynamic boutique organisation, set up in 2009, with the scope of providing specialised innovative items for niche markets in Malta with special focus on education (learning abilities) and event organisation (tent resources).


Our innovative items cover a wide array of economic sectors, which among others include: educational establishments, special interest groups (such as astronomy, geography and wildlife), souvenir shops, museums, stationaries, bookshops and pet shops.


The idea of facilitating the learning abilities of students as well as amplifying the teaching potential of teaching professionals is the backbone of our mission. In fact, our current product range specialises in using innovative 3D technology so as to facilitate learning whilst having fun in the process.

As owners of Gryphon Malta, we bring forward years of experience in the field of tuition, consultancy, research techniques, trading and shipping activities.

Our Target Groups


Our product lines are of interest to a large audience, in particular to:

Our Products


Gryphon Malta is the trading partner of a renowned German 3D-specialist which has created a wide range of high quality 3D products, and for which the company has earned a number of quality awards both for the high quality standards achieved in product manufacturing, as well as for its genuine innovative ideas for educational purposes.  In fact research shows that three dimensional (3D) structures are understood spontaneously, thus speeding up learning significantly in all age categories and in persons with different abilities.

For educational entertainment, Gryphon Malta has teamed up with a South-Korean manufacturer whose main goal is the advancement of human society in the field of culture and education. Gryphon Malta is promoting the renowned brand: POP Out World 3D puzzles. These are educational minitaure models with the scope of  improving children's concentration and creativity. These 3D puzzles are mind-stimulating games, which through research proved to enhance greatly the stimulation of eye-hand coordination (especially in kids under 15 years of age).

For our range of exhibition tents, our trading partner is another renowned German manufacturer of tents which offers a variety of tent sizes that are durable, professional and of a high quality. The tent material is completely water proof and the metal structure is powder-coated steel. 

​All our products have achieved top quality standards, certifications and numerous awards over the years. More information on these standards is available by clicking on the Quality Standards tabs on the right hand side.


Logo Concept

The gryphon, griffin or griffon (Latin: gryphus) is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. As the lion was traditionally considered the king of the beasts and the eagle was the king of the birds, the gryphon was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature as far back as Mesopotamia.

Gryphons are known for guarding treasure and all valued priceless possessions. Today the gryphon continues to be a powerful symbol of regal strength and loyalty.

Gryphon Malta selected this symbol as its logo since it considers that education and knowledge are the biggest treasure one can ever possess. Promoting such values is a mission in itself.


Quality Seal
Read more on Quality Standards by selecting the buttons below:

Teaching professionals - especially those operating in the fields of geography, general science and life sciences;


Special Interest groups enthusiasts interested in areas such as astronomy, wild life, marine life and geography ;


Variety of shops - such as stationaries, gift shops, book shops, pet shops and toy shops.


Small Entrepreneurs and Event Organisors - who can select from the vast range of durable tents ideal for all occasions and events they might wish to hold, such as: exhibitions, science fairs, small markets and similar events.

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