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3x6 meters PVC Pro Modular (without windows)

3x6 meters PVC Pro Modular (without windows)

These are German manufactured durable tents with high quality standards. These tents are among the ones that offer the best quality and value for money. ​

► Is quick and easy to assemble.
► Requires no tools to assemble.
► It does not require any position screws.
► Simple plug-in system with high-quality quick clip connection system for fast assembly.
► Connectors are welded and powder coated. They can withstand considerable weight on them.
► Each leg comes complete with a foot plate that can be pegged, bolted or weighted to provide additional stability.

All tents have a sturdy powder coated 38mm diameter tubular steel frame and 43mm corner steel connectors.
The high material thickness (1.22 mm) and precise processing of these tubes make these models extremely robust and durable.

Base frame for this tent sold separately.

Price quoted excludes freight and/or insurance costs. These need to be selected from the pull-down menu below to arrive to the final price:
  • Details

    ► Top Quality Marquee complete with waterproof material.
    ► Six sides panels (196cm x 196cm)without windows.
    ► Exterior Material: Roof PVC (500g/qm); sides PVC(500g/qm)
    side height 200 cm and centre height 280 cm.
    ► 2 side parts (gable)measuring 296cm x 196cm - with door to roll up and close tent. There is one gable with a large door (front)and a gable with a small door (rear).
    ► Diameter Poles: 38 mm / 1.0 mm thickness diameter
    ► Connector: 43mm / 1.2 mm thickness , the linkage and all
    connectors are powder coated.
    ► A roof cover with 500 grams per square meter
    ► The following accessories are also included:
    - foot plate are bolted to the rod
    - ground fixing pegs or hooks
    - guy wires to string the roof
    - manual and care instructions

    ► Package Dimensions: [1] 190x25x12cm [2] 156x17x9cm
    [3] 70x38x16cm [4] 70x38x15cm
    [5] 70x38x15cm
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