Planets of the Solar System Wall Map

This is a 3D Wall Map of the Planets of Our Solar System. The map can be viewed easily in 3D with the naked eye(i.e. without the need of using any special specs).

It maps shows the real images of the planets as photographed by NASA space probes. The map is designed in such a way to show the planets' relative sizes and positions from the Sun.

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon and Mars have been magnified 5 times, in relation to the size of the Sun and the other planets. The map shows some solar features, as well as activity on its surface (photosphere granules) and its corona (ex. prominences).

Map is very light and requires only two pins to hang in classroom at eye level. Map comes with adhesive hanging tabs.
  • Details

    The Planets of our Solar System Map
    Wall Map with 3D Effect
    Metrics (W x H): 67.5 cm x 45 cm
    Map comes with adhesive hanging tabs.