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The Planets of Our Solar System (DM)

The Planets of Our Solar System (DM)

This is a 3D Desk Mat of the Planets of Our Solar System. The desk mat can be viewed easily in 3D with the naked eye(i.e. without the need of using any special specs).

It desk mat shows the real images of the planets as photographed by NASA space probes. The mat is designed in such a way to show the planets' relative sizes and positions from the Sun.

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon and Mars have been magnified 5 times, in relation to the size of the Sun and the other planets. The desk mat shows some solar features, as well as activity on its surface (photosphere granules) and its corona (ex. prominences).

The desk mat is ideal for office desks, science teacher's school desk or children's desk at home.
  • Details

    The Planets of our Solar System Desk Mat
    Dimensions (W x H): 60 cm x 47 cm
    Soft rubber base with a 3D effect front
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